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in the news this saturday morning, federal investigators are now trying to determine what caused a small plane to crash in a lagoon on the peninsula. crews finally removed it from the water. in livermore, they are seg for a boy believed to be about 13-year-old old that attacked an 89-year-old woman. >> good morning. fog has returned and we are looking at dense fog at our coast but hasn't made its way inland. forecast is coming up. >> wreckage of a small plane that crashed into a lagoon near the san carlos airport is now out of water. it was lifted to shore overnight. the bodies were still in the wreckage when it was pulled from the water. the body of a third victim was recovered on thursday.
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lisa amin gulezian reports that an audio recording of the crash might help investigators. >> this is what is left of the twin-engine plane. it two hours to move it on to dry land. >> it took a long time to be rigged up to be lifted out of the lagoon. the impact apparently did quite a bit of damage to the plane. we want to make sure the plane didn't break apart. >> this is what it sounded like when it crashed. a witness recorded it on his mp-3 player. >> it crashed in the water! it crashed in the water! -- oh, my god! -- oh, my god. >> although people inside the plane died. the owner of the plane 92-year-old and 47-year-old and
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a pilot talked about the crash. >> higher speed impact will leave more damage. >> the plane nose-dived into the lagoon after taking off from san carlos airport. you are about to hear the control tower visual confirmation that the plane crashed. >> in the water. >> i've never seen anything like that before in my life. i hope i don't see anything like it again. >> dozens watched the plane go down and many returned to the lagoon because they had to. >> it happened right in front of my eyes. obviously there is a loss of life here. >> i don't know to put it to rest or not but some sort of
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finality to it. >> security was posted to keep an eye on the plane last night. today the plane will be moved to the n.t.s.b. warehouse in sacramento. this morning a police resume their search for a peod of missing man. 345-year-old frederick salas could be a fifth victim of an east bay killing spree found his suv that shows no evidence of a crime. the missing man's father is linked to the murders. they went to a landfill fill and received trash from a business park where the suspect worked. >> 46-year-old cindy tran and ricardo worked at the same strip mall where hundred people turned out to mourn them. amy hollyfield reports. >> their murders have made
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headlines all week. but the loss of ricardo salas and cindy tran is very personal for the strip mall in vallejo. >> remember this, not how they died but for how they lived. >> 46-year-old cindy was known as jenny to their clients at the salon. she cut people's hair for a living but she was also a friend. >> she was so warm and wonderful. >> she was a special lady. >> ricardo worked as a security guard at the bank. >> he was wonderful man. highway was so gracious. >> police believe that cindy's boyfriend murdered ricardo because he thought he was getting involved with cindy. they also believe that he strangled cindy before he was shot to death in a confrontation
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with police. >> it was senseless. i still don't even know why it happened. >> more than a hundred people attended. >> what they were represented was true friendship. >> cindy tran had four sons. her friends set up a fund for the boys. they say she was a devoted mother. also the husband of one of the other two murder victims connected to this case appeared in court yesterday. 72-year-old charles rittenhouse pleaded not guilty to two counts of possessing explosives. he remains in custody. his bond is set high because vallejo police suspect him that he had something to do with the murders of his wife and a friend. he was living in the home where the bodies were found.
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>> i have reason to believe that the bodies were put there some time that day, tuesday of his arrest. it wasn't my client. i don't know if it was him. there is another potential suspect whom my client told the police about. >> so far there is no explanation why he may have had those explosives. >> craigslist made a significant change, adult services have been removed and replaced with a word. it was widely criticized. they called it for the removal of the section saimg claiming that encouraged prostitution. craigslist has not responded to our calls for comment. >> a pilot survived in a crash on highway 101 near salinas. it took off from the airport when it came down suddenly in
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the southbound lanes and moments later a big rig managed to swerve and miss the chopper. he was in the southbound lanes when he came upon 62-year-old frank gomes falling out of the wreckage. >> i asked him if he was okay. he said i was fine. he had blood coming out of the side of his face and his fingers were bleeding. i noticed he was going into shock so i put him in my pickup until help arrived. >> gomes is in the intensive care unit with fractured ribs and bruises. he complained of experiencing vertigo before the crash. >> an attack on an elderly woman in livermore is especially difficult to comprehend. it's not her age, 89, but the age of her attacker, a boy, taking off on a scooter. here is lilian kim. >> livermore police want the public to take a good look at this composite sketch. he is believed to be around 13 years old and what he did as
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investigators dumbfounded. police say it was on this path where he approached an 89-year-old woman. he told her his name was cameron and he was in 7d 7th grade. she followed him and that is when he struck her on the head with an unknown object. >> it seems awfully young, must have a lot of issues to take it out on an elder person. >> luckily a man want over after hearing cries of help. police have no idea what motivated him to attack. >> the woman was taken to the hospital. she suffered injuries to the head but she has since been released and is expected to be okay. >> the people of livermore now hope police will find the person responsible soon. they say they'll be extra vigilant until the boy is caught. >> it's very unusual for this area. our group is going to be keeping
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an eye on the area. >> the wife of a fremont police officer shot and badly wounded in oakland is speaking for the first time about her family's ordeal. officer todd young was working under cover when he was shot while trying to serve an arrest warrant. young's wife say he called to the hospital before undergoing surgery. she is still shaken but staying strong for the children. >> we know that he is sleeping so he can get better and come home. that's all they know. >> officer young remains sedated in intensive care. doctors expect a long but full recovery. >> coming up next, a set back for the makers of a controversial video game. find out where medal of honor won't be sold. hurricane earl, how
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a bay area gold star mom who lost her son in the iraq war is celebrating a small victory, in an effort to stop the release of a video game. military leaders announced that medal of honor will not be sold at any military base exchanges worldwide. it depicts the fighting in afghanistan and allows players to choose to be taliban fighters to kill american soldiers. richmond bay chevron has agreed to pay $3 million to restore acres of wetlands. that is the long term discharge into the bay. that practice stopped back in 1987. money from the settlement will
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help restore 30-35 acres in north richmond and along the san pablo bay refuge. >> a great white has been sighted at a sonoma county beach. santa rosa press democrat say that they saw the shark with a sea lion in its mouth. it looked to be about 18 feel long. park ranger this is closest a shark has been to the shore there in years. children's programming northerly seen at a time has been moved because of our new show. the new school can be seen at 11:00 a.m. and replacement follows at 11:30. >> we are not the replacement. some say we are but we're not. >> we have some dense fog at our coast. we have airport delays. not too bad, 23 minutes and high definition east bay camera, it's cloudy around the bay.
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clear inland. we've got cooler weather today. much warmer weather for labor day. i'll tell you all about it coming up. >> barry zito continues his struggles as the giants are tripped up in l.a. more in this morning's sports. mmmm.
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from a earthquake but so far no fatalities. [ siren ] >> new zealand is in a state of emergency. a violent powerful earthquake damaged hundreds of buildings, crumpled six bridges, twisted railroads and burst water mains submerging villages. >> oh, my gosh, we've got no town, no water -- no power. >> this one, it felt very big. if it had gone on any longer it would have caved in. >> this is it. the earthquake. >> the earthquake seen in this home video hit in the middle of the night. this man's house survived but the infrastructure damage is widespread. many buildings caught fire and rescue teams are searching for people who might still be
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trapped. the quake was as large as the one that killed more than 200,000 in haiti but here nobody died and most buildings didn't collapse thanks to their strong construction codes. >> i think we've been extremely lucky as a nation there has been no report of fatalities. >> tonight in new zealand they'll be a curfew as the mood in the city is frantic with people lining out with gas stations and nobody with any water or power. >> tropical storm earl has made landfall off the nova scotia coast. it's packing winds 70 miles an hour. it was much less intensity than feared. no serious injuries are reported but a lot of people heard it was coming and thought it was going to be intense and cancelled
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their plans. it's costing businesses a lot of money. >> big changes, sun is taking the heat and humidity away as cold front sweeps earl off shore. the fog here, cooler from mount tam looking out over san francisco. you can see sutro tower, 977 feet. low clouds and fog making about 500 to 600 feet. they or not extending far inland. sunny conditions, condition cord and livermore, upper 50s, 53 in the city. cooler onshore flow will be coming in with cooler temperatures. we're going to allow for a mild or warm afternoon around the bay. sunshine around the coast. it will be breezy but the winds switching around to a northerly component and then off shore bringing us the warm effort day out of the next three which will
8:20 am
be labor day and on our coast. elsewhere around the bay and much cooler weather tuesday and wednesday. our current visible satellite picture shows the fog went across the bay into some of our east bay neighborhoods clearing around the delta and this morning you have the delta breeze. you will see the range of temperatures from the 60s and 80s around the bay. a pleasant day here. tropical storm esh89 continues to lose speed and strength. 70 miles an hour right now and pulling out of new england. the rain, it is lashing parts of nova scotia and still see a couple inches of rain there but sunny and more comfortable weather for most of the eastern seaboard. back home we'll see the clouds hug the coast today. an area of low pressure passes to the east of us. then as that happens, we have
8:21 am
higher pressure building in. northerly winds sweeping the fog away. breezy tomorrow, but then we'll see the numbers skyrocket on monday for much warmer weather. low clouds and fog this morning in sausalito. millbrae starting out with fog, and festival featuring a lot of sunshine. breezier tomorrow. northern sierra, look for 80 and kind of windy tomorrow. mid on 90s. upper 80s for los angeles and san diego at 77. back home a few degrees cooler in coupe perfect teen oh. 76 in redwood city. san francisco 66 today. partial sun in the sunset. 88 calistoga. near east bay few 60s. 89 in union city and out over the hills, very comfortable, it's 91 in danville.
8:22 am
still fog around monterey and sunny with 70 in santa cruz. so today we are looking a few degrees cooler with the low clouds and fog beginning to clear out getting a little warmer and breezy tomorrow and warmest day will be labor day. thanks very much. >> in sports, college football is back. this afternoon cal at home against u.c. davis, stanford against sacramento state. san jose is in tuscaloosa to play the national champion the crimson tide. giants had another round with the padres. larry beil has the highlights. >> good morning. giants opened a huge ten game in l.a. the first place padres lost their eighth in a row. a golden chance to pick up a game here. tommy lasorda, giants still bleeding, scoreless until rod
8:23 am
barajas puts into orbit. this is way out. two-run jack and two-zip dodgers sosey singles to left and we are tied at duess. this can't happen. opposing pitcher with a two out bases single, zito lasted four innings. he is right there. he struck out seven, giants fall 4-2 remaining three in back of the padres. >> to the coliseum, the raiders, a's and angels on that field last night. gonzalez gets him swinging. bottom of the sixth, cco lashes one to the right. that scores one and made it 2-0.
8:24 am
kevin gets a blast. a's blank the angels 8-0. >> 49ers cut their roster down. the surprise to see mike robinson along with jason hill. robinson was a pro bowl alternate, his versatility as a quarterback at penn state figured to work in his favor but mike singletary did not value what they were getting out of the position. the rookie dixon earns a spot on the roster. >> when you have a guy like that there is going to be a roll. what it is right now, it will define itself but you have a guy that, talent like we will find a role for him. >> the raiders won.
8:25 am
nice catch. after a rough rookie year. highs confidence is out. >> the confidence with myself just playing football, playing a game since i have been playing since high school. >> it's good to see the depth there and the whole group moving forward i think in terms of passing. >> from the pros to the college kids, arizona taking on toledo, second quarter. look from the outside and see you, he's gone. the rout was on. 41-12. >> tiger woods have taken out a $50 million mortgage on a mansion he is building.
8:26 am
his focus was the championship of the open in boston. bad start for tiger, bogey first six holes, out of the bunker but tying ear one over 72, nine back. brian palmer is one off the pace. just on of the green, he buries it on 9. 7 under, 64. zach johnson, one of the quo leaders. he is tied with jason. >> serena williams watched her sister cruise against her opponent. advancing to the fourth round. tonight we got college football and season opener as we got lsu versus north carolina followed by the premiere of after the
8:27 am
game right around 8:30 p.m. hope to see you then. have a great weekend everybody. >> coming up next at 8:30. >> going to tahoe? they have a huge bear problem and they have euthanized one aggressive animal to make the area safer. >> and officials say what a san francisco woman has to do if she [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel.
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this morning police will resume their search for a body at a pittsburg landfill. they believe he is a fifth victim in an east bay killing spree. they found the suv that shows no evidence of the crime. missing man's father is linked to four people victims.
8:30 am
>> they searched a landfill where it was not far where where the suspect lived. about a hundred people remembered two of the victims. 73-year-old ricardo salas and cindy tran. >> let's all remember them for how they died but for how they lived. ricardo, he was a wonderful man. he was so gracious. we'll miss them both. >> he worked at a security guard. tran was a hairstylist. he. a san francisco woman could hardly believe her good luck when her missing dog was found
8:31 am
after seven years missing. police and a clinic have given the dog to someone else. here is mark matthews. >> your son found the dog? >> yes. >> is your son kenneth griffin? >> yes. >> they say they found this dog but does not want to return it to the rightful owner. >> he was a member of my family and i don't have any children and she was my little girl. >> mary says little girl was stolen from her home seven years ago. on the night of 24th kenneth griffin brought the dog to the clinic and they scanned the dog for a chip. >> they had a chip and called the former owner. >> mary got the call. you need to pick her up at the emergency pet hospital. >> she rushed down from san francisco to the san mateo
8:32 am
clinic bringing her receipts, the dog's license but too late. >> my dog had been given to the person that brought the dog in. i was absolutely horrified. >> the clinic manager says he was told by the police to give the dog back to the people who brought it in. >> because the people had the dog for more than 30 days, under the law it was now their dog. >> does it make sense to you? >> it doesn't make sense but i'm bound to oblige it. >> san francisco police say that is the advice they got from the humane society. >> it's not a law. it's what most shelters use. >> based on the quote, rule of enthusiasm, thumb. they gave the dog back before she arrived with the documents. >> the california law says the
8:33 am
dog is personal property. they know there has been a stolen case filed way back in 2003. >> he is frustrated. >> the woman had a owns the dog, she would really like to have the dog back, >> he found the dog but she owns the dog. >> yes. >> you see the difference? >> yes. >> griffin's mother says she understands but she won't tell me where her son is. the attorney says there is no finder's keeper law. mary says she'll have to go to court to get her dog back. caltrain will pay nearly million dollars to settle a lawsuit filed bait family of a south san francisco that was struck killed by a train.
8:34 am
15-year-old known ray stepped off the train in san bruno and rode a skateboard around a crossing gate that was down. he rode into the path of a southbound train. they say he couldn't hear the train or his friends shouting at him because he was listening to music on his headphones. wrongful death lawsuit says caltrain allowed passengers there where he was hit. >> starting today, muni plans to restore half of the service cuts that was done in may. they will go ahead with restoring service on several lines, they will run more frequently. a one time allocation of funding two agencies makes it possible. it comes despite objections from the union. union local has asked for an
8:35 am
junction from the state agency that handles the matters. >> city leaders and port officials are finalizing a proposal to host the next america's cup two years from now. it could bring in an estimated $1.4 billion at to the local economy. oracle racing team is khas go the next venue and estimated costs of $150 million. the plan uses no taxpayer money and calls important race organizers to pay for improvements in exchange for future development rights on the city's bay front near at&t park. >> people in tahoe are getting aggressive in dealing with aggressive bears. in the latest case there was dna testing to track down the offender. how the problem is being handled.
8:36 am
>> there is lots of home video on youtube of bears coming to neighborhoods and campsites in the tahoe basin and helping themselves to people food. normally they get several reports of bears becoming aggressive but this year the number of incidents has jumped. >> we have had nine or ten of the same calls where bear has made harmful contact with a person. once they get food they don't want to go anywhere else. >> a mother and her cub were frequenting the campground eventually injuring a man. the two were captured this week and they compared saliva from the animals and it matched a cup from the campsite. >> the test came back positive. >> wildlife officials it hopes the long labor day is safer for visitors. they are upset the state took
8:37 am
drastic action and they don't think the mother should have been euthanized? >> i think it's a shame they did that. there is a baby and now what are they going to do. >>. >> some say people are responsible for leaving out food and feeding the bears. >> you have to keep that locked up and keep it away, it's got to be bear proof. to be among these kinds of images ko could lead to this situation. >> there could be as many as 500 bears in the tahoe basin. more and more are having larger litters which is sign they are getting plenty to eat. >> the children's programs that are normally seen because of the show. emperor's new school will be aired at 11:00 and the
8:38 am
replacement 11:30 and emperor herself is here to talk. >> we of fog around the bay. we are looking at some airport delays, dense fog at our coast with a warmup. i'll tell you all about it coming up. >> and meet a san francisco man that is making big money selling ♪ ♪ ♪
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time to check the three-day weekend forecast and lisa says it's order and getting better. >> we're going to see changes. we're a little bit cooler and because of the low clouds and fog from mount tam. sutro tower shows the marine layer only about 600 feet. temperatures this morning in east bay valleys in the upper
8:41 am
50s. no fog to be found there. 60 in oakland and 20-minute airport delays. marine layer not very deep this morning. we will be looking at mild to warm days turning breezy tomorrow. that is going to help warming us up late sunday. offshore flow labor day and much cooler weather, tuesday and wednesday. this is the picture right now and showing some clearing through the mountains here and also in our valleys. mount tam looking clear. so the sunshine coming our way. we do have a nice temperature spread today. the tropical storm that was a hurricane that brushed new england and nantucket into nova scotia. winds at 40 miles an hour, the rain a couple inches heading out of town and taking the heat and humidity in the northeast out. nice weekend in the eastern seaboard. we're going to see high pressure build in over the weekend. that is going to sweep the fog away tomorrow. a little breezy on sunday then
8:42 am
we're looking at northerly winds to warm us up quickly. so the warming trend begins on our beaches and getting hot downtown on monday. sausalito 68. 70 tomorrow. millbrae, 70 later on. northern sierra 80 and dropping through tomorrow with breezy conditions. mid 90s in yosemite. south land, cooling trend for southern california and san diego, 77 for today and down to 71 for labor day. back home a couple agrees cooler in sunnyvale. 85 in campbell. if you are waiting on the sunshine to about 10:00 or 11:00 in san mateo and then 73. cloudy to start out at our beaches. sunshine, it's going to be poisoned around the sunset district and also around golden gate park.
8:43 am
today a wide range of temperatures, stinson beach at 60. 85 in santa rosa. near east bay, nice afternoon in berkeley at 69. you head towards castro valley, pleasant at 79 but we're going to get warmer with each and every day. today is cooler for you in the east bear valleys. it was 96 in livermore today. 92 today. 90 in dublin. the fog is down here around watsonville and monterey but it will lift and look for a pleasant 66 in monterey. accu-weather seven-day forecast, a nice day today. if you don't like the heat, but we will be looking at warmer conditions tomorrow. monday is the warmest day. cooler weather tuesday and wednesday and then we'll warm up. >> 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. you put it all out there for us. >> a san francisco man is finding riches from high seas.
8:44 am
he is finding it on from jelly fish. >> what may look like a jelly fish like you and me is much more to alex andon. he sees a new kind of living art and becomes the focus point of any space and a good way to make a living. pet jelly fish craze begins about ten years ago when the monterey aquarium introduced their exhibit. >> nobody figured out how they have them at home. so i started experimenting and figure is out a tank that worked. >> his job in the east bay, you could say, went down the tubes. >> we were analyzing feces samples. >> suddenly jelly fish never looked better.
8:45 am
he designed a filtration system that would keep them afloat. he found retailers around the world who sold jelly fish. now you can go to jelly fish, order a tank and filter and high nutrient food for $400. or he can build you a more elaborate tank. >> it can cover a whole restaurant in your home. >> despite the surge of the popularity of jelly fish. most people said they never gave it any thought. >> never given any thought as a jelly fish as a pet. >> in all my years, never entered my mind. >> after finding out these moon jelly fish, don't sting and so abunt and the. they were able to wrap their
8:46 am
tentacles around the notion of a jelly fish. >> gordon's birthday! time for the jelly fish dip. >> they have a hypnotic movement. >> they also want to buy it. >> if you learn more about it and jelly fish, go to and click on see it on tv. don't go away, 7 on your side is next. >> 49ers move into the stadium, how much left turn tickets really cost? [ male announcer ] have something you love doing? cheerios could be your ticket to do it. big time. you could win a once in a lifetime chance to live your passion by choosing from t never-dreamed-possible prizes.
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8:49 am
>> without controversy there is excitement building around the 49ers move to a new stadium but there are details that may have been overlooked and not sitting well with long time season ticket holders. here is michael finney with the story. >> in the end zone! >> 49ers online video is big and bold. looking back on an incredible past and forward to a bright future in a new stadium. it's enough to give any long time fans excitement. al is a long time fan and gives him something else. >> i would like to say all you 49er fans, look what they are trying to do with us. >> his office is packed with 49er memorabilia. season tickets go all the way
8:50 am
back to kezar stadium day. he has never paid a fee until he read the latest paperwork that came with his ticket. >> all these promises to buy your ticket, this year they are telling us that we have no expectation that we're going to have any seats. we have no equitable right. >> welcome to the economics of professional sports. >> larry beil says he is not a defender or detractor but it's widespread in today's world. >> if they are going to put down a billion dollars to finance a stadium, the raw numbers say there is only certain ways to finance it and one ways is personal licenses. >> they call it sbl's or stadium builders license.
8:51 am
they declined and interview saying the selling of licenses is a long way off but did tell us all dollars from the licensing towards the funding and maintenance of the building, none of the revenue goes to the 49ers. key elements of a successful sbl lifetime and transferable, season ticket holders were informed about them in a personal letter. so they can deliver a lot and potentially cost a lot. so are they an investment? >> are we talking the 49ers of the 80s or the 49ers of the mid 90s? >> mark is time share columnist from the san francisco examiner. seat licenses have been compared to time shares, he sees them more like a condo. >> i can sell my tickets. i can give my tickets away, but i have complete control over virtually every event at that
8:52 am
venue because those are my seats. >> so for those who don't like the setup, is there any recourse? an attorney says not really. >> both teams are businesses. they are providing an entertainment service. people become very tied to their football teams and they say, i love my football team and my football team loves me. they do, to the extent that it keeps money coming in the door. >> so now you know. for good, for bad. >> i haven't heard it and if it wasn't for 7 on your side -- >> how much will the licenses will cost? no one is saying but the new york giants charged from $1,000 to $20,000 for their licenses. that doesn't account for the cost for the tickets themselves and those cost as much as $750
8:53 am
each. >> the major bay area art festival you
8:54 am
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[ male announc ] fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. delicious yes. some say it's better to be lucky and here are the numbers from last night's drawing. mega number, that would be 9. nobody got them all. tuesday night's jackson pot will be some where around $25 million. >> it's one of the biggest festivals in the bay area and marks the end of the summer. sausalito art festival is probably the biggest in the bay area and it starts today. here is don sanchez with a preview. >> they are called ultra realistic sculptures. mark one best of show last year.
8:56 am
right down to varicose veins. >> we have a tough material and the surface new can paint on. >> mark is looking for bottles. can you figure out which one is real and which one isn't? there is more than 20,000 works of art here. a world class exhibit. >> we have over 1,000 applications. they are fellow artists and have room for 2735 artists. >> he says it took him seven years to finally get in. he creates kinetic sculptures. >> this balances on the pin bearing and the momentum carries it for several minutes. >> an exercise in basic physics but gary is not only an artist. >> i'm a full time firefighter and paramedic. >> and she works in dry pastels.
8:57 am
>> part of our job is introducing the public to more art. >> many people come for the music. jefferson starship heads the line-up. music like art is routed in personal experience. >> when you do images that have a connection to there is more. >> it's a great experience, three days, saturday, sunday and monday. here a great idea. why don't you take the ferry directly to san francisco and let you off the dock so you can enjoy a full day. >> what is going to be like weather-wise if you go there? >> today will be the coolest day out of three, morning fog and 68. a slow warmup, breezy tomorrow. 74 on monday. millbrae, 74 and breezy winds
8:58 am
knocking it down to 68 tomorrow. 72 in oakland so today everyone about three degrees cooler. 90 in concord. down around three degrees in livermore. 82 in san jose. dense fog along the monterey coast and 72 in watsonville. warming trend begins tomorrow. warmest dare labor day, maybe 80 in downtown san francisco. >> all right. thanks for joining us. our next newscast starts at 4:00 because of college football and stay connected at have a great day and a great weekend.
8:59 am
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